The Walk of Shame


Our weekend away has been planned for quite some time now, my friend and I were to meet at the beach for some sun and warmth, flying from two different states to meet in South Carolina and drive a couple hours to our destination. Except snow. And ice, apparently in Atlanta. My flight was cancelled, please come back and try again tomorrow….

Meanwhile my friend made it just fine to our meeting spot, but isn’t going on to our destination till I get there. My new flight was set for 7am. I arrived at the airport to be told my flight was cancelled again, perhaps they could get me there by tonight.

This is where the lesson happens. My inclination is to question, why? How do you just cancel an entire flight? Why is this okay? And I am trying to think how I am going to tell my friend the news. My guy, who travels a lot for his work, started to push. He kindly asked if there was any other way I could get there, fully expecting that there would be. He used his status as a frequent traveler, never lost his cool, and kept asking.

Suddenly there was an answer. I was actually booked on the 6am flight (I was not) and it was taking off in ten minutes! I would have to run, but it was possible to make it. You know that passenger who asks if she can cut in front of you at Security because her flight is about to leave? The same one that everyone on the plane watches as she rolls on at the last second, the slow walk of shame down the aisle? Yep, me.
I am so happy to say that I am at the beach with my friend now. I am not someone who asks for things, especially from strangers. My guy is famous for asking, and often for getting more than he wanted. My response needs to change from caring about the why and the justice of it all, and ask expectantly for another answer.

Hmm…seems like there could be a spiritual component to this, as well…

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  1. God always knows what’s best for us and allows things to happen the way they do for a reason. Since God is leading us we can always be sure that He is in control, even when life is unpredictable. There is always something to learn along the way. “Romans 8:28” #Detour

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