A Wedding and a Funeral

weddingIn the last week I have attended a special wedding and a sweet, simple funeral. The wedding was for family friends who we have watched grow up; we went back to Minnesota to witness the event and it was well worth it. The funeral was for a man we didn’t know, but after hearing about his life, probably would have liked to. The two ceremonies caused me to think more deeply than an average day; weddings make me reflect on the past and appreciate the present while funerals make me think about the future.

Did I have any idea what I was getting myself into on my wedding day?

Does my guy know how much I love and need and admire him today?

What will people say about me when I leave this earth?

I can’t change anything about that first question, but I can help equip others as they start this wild ride of marriage.

I need to tell my guy how I really feel a lot more often.

Who really cares what people will say? What will my God say when I enter His court?

Sigh….looks like there’s more work to be done…..

4 thoughts on “A Wedding and a Funeral

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  1. God bless ya Mrs. Howsyer, so many Christians I know, (I’m in a debate with one such online at the moment) seem so assured of their place in Heaven.
    I’m not, and I feel like i shouldn’t ever be.
    But maybe that’s cause I use to be so naughty.
    Lots more work to be done fer sure oh it is to laugh!

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