Take a Walk

walkWe have a couple of large dogs with a lot of energy and the best thing that we can do for them is get them out for a daily walk to allow them to get fresh air, run around and see new things. We started this routine in the spring and try to take a walk each day when my guy is in town. We are to the point of these beasts expecting it, waiting for cues and prodding us to get outside.

The funny thing is that our marriage needs a walk, as well. We have noticed that this small change has brought us closer because it gives us a connecting time without distractions. The act of walking in the same direction, in the same cadence out in the open air gives us room to talk about concerns, to dream about the future and to share our hearts.

It has been eye opening for me to experience firsthand the power that a small change can have in a marriage. We have taken walks for years, but the routine of doing this over and over has real impact on our communication and connection.

What have you found that works in helping you start, and keep that connection?

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