20/20 Vision

necessaryI am one big step closer to wearing reading glasses. Recently my daughter talked me into trying some on in a cute boutique, and we found some that were palatable. Sigh….how did this happen? She then explained to me the biological reasons for my fine tuning fuzziness, in an effort to make me feel better and realize this happens to everyone. It got me thinking about the other things that come along with reading glasses, and they aren’t so bad:

There was a long time in my life when I questioned God on anything that happened that didn’t fit with my time frame/goals/vision of the way life should be. I have now been on this earth long enough to trust that God really loves me and wants the best for me, and very often that means something outside of my narrow ideal.

I have been around long enough to see the cycles of our society, the swings of liberalism to conservatism and everything in between and no longer worry that the sky is falling.

I have watched so many endure hardships, and have witnessed the truth in the adage that time really does heal, if we allow it.

I feel the groans of our growth and our deterioration as a whole, and know better how to pray.

I am not in the hurry that I once was, understanding better the importance of the simple passage of time.

The intense passion that I felt for and against many things has leveled off, being replaced with loyalty and respect.

I now know that I can learn something from everyone I come in contact with, and sometimes I even take the time to try.

Every now and then I am asked for advice, not because I am smart, but because I have lived longer and learned something along the way.

I’m not rushing out to buy those glasses, but I am more willing now to accept the fact that it is time.

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  1. All week, I’ve been talking to friends about the same types of things and we’ve chalked it up to our age. I’m a huge fan of the 40’s. have the exact same quote/graphic on my fridge and just gave it to my sister yesterday – too much!

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