Blank Slate

liveWhen my guy started working for a new company in a whole new industry, naturally there was a steep learning curve to get up to speed on how the business was run, how the parts were made and what the customers wanted. He expected this and planned for it; what he wasn’t prepared for was his new lack of reputation.

My guy had been in a specific industry for most of his career and had established himself as a reliable leader who wouldn’t ask anything of others that he wouldn’t do himself. Suddenly, he was just the new guy. Blank slate.

The great thing about moving to a new area of the country is that you get to start over, nobody knows about your weaknesses and quirks. The bad thing about moving to a new area of the country is that you have to start over, nobody knows about your accomplishments and reputation.

The work of re-establishing one’s self is a hard one. With this move, I went from being a leader within the church with opinions that were regarded to being another face in the crowd. I expected this, but it has been difficult to get used to. Perhaps it’s more of an art than work, maybe I turn it into work when I should just let it happen slowly over time.

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Proverbs 22:1

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  1. Girl — I am struggling with this EXACT same thing. We’ve been at our new church for exactl one year… and I’m still just another face (except when we need children’s workers — then we’re all qualified and wanted. Sigh.) I had spent 10 years at my other church, teaching Bible Studies and have a respected voice. I am right there with you… get to/have to!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh man, love that you get it. It’s hard, but I know there is a lot to be learned in this season, what a great reminder of what it feels like to be new, that there are capable people in the crowd all the time, that sometimes we need to wait (grrr), and several more, I’m sure. Trying to enjoy the quiet of my life before the hectic starts up again, and learn the lessons from this time of being new, but it’s not enjoyable!

  2. Sounds like it could be a blessing in disguise…let yourself take a little break, and then, yes, I think reestablishing your name will happen naturally! I have fought the tendency in my life to too often WANT to start over for the reasons you mention you DON’T want to: sometimes I don’t want any expectations on me. There’s a balance there…I find that my personality finds me wherever I go…soon you will be known again!

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