Mama vs Godzilla

GodzillaTonight my guy tried to talk me into seeing a movie called Pacific Rim with him and our son. I had a vague idea of what the movie was about, read the brief description and realized there was no way I could say yes to seeing this movie. I haven’t always been this way, but I cannot watch mass destruction and view it as entertainment anymore.

I guess it’s my mothers’ heart, always thinking of the people who are affected and the lives they were leading before the tsunami/terrorist/giant robot attack. My brain knows it’s not real, but it hurts my heart to see multiple people senselessly die in a movie.

Now, give me a good story line and a character that dies for a cause or so that others can live, and I might be willing to even see it twice. But when it’s a huge FX thriller mowing down a large city I shut down. I don’t judge anyone who enjoys these movies; in fact, I see this as a weakness in myself. I thought it was a temporary hiccup while our children were small and defenseless, but it seems to have grown in me over the years as the special effects have gotten greater.

Think I’ll go pop some popcorn and watch Steel Magnolias till my guys get home….

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