Mind Blown

EpcotFifteen years ago we lived in Orlando and visited the Disney parks on a regular basis with a yearly membership. One of the exhibits that we saw a few too many times was Spaceship Earth, the giant golf ball at Epcot. Inside there was a ride that took you through the history of communication of man, starting with cave man and hieroglyphics, then moving on to the invention of the printing press and telephone and eventually to communication of the future. I can still see the two living rooms, where one child in America is talking to a child in Asia through a computer, looking at each other while conversing with parents nearby. I remember being doubtful that this would ever become a reality in my lifetime. And yet two years ago my guy was Skyping with us in the back of a cab in Hong Kong, showing us the sights through town. How did this happen? Last night I was sitting on the couch between two Ipad users, one was looking at different routes for an upcoming trip and the other making hotel reservations. All in real time.

I realize this isn’t new, we have been doing this for a while now, but it blows my mind every now and then. And it makes me wonder, what in the world is on exhibit for the future of communication at Spaceship Earth now??

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