He Thinks I’m Beautiful


us“You two sure look beautiful!”

That’s what my guy said to my youngest and me as we came home from having our make-up done by a pro yesterday. My daughter sighed and said, “I love it when he calls me beautiful. Boys my age don’t use that word; they say ‘cute’ or ‘hot’.”

It was one of the quickest teachable moments, but I took it and ran. I explained that at my age boys still use those same simple words to describe, and very few will see that you are truly beautiful in your lifetime.

“Hold out for one who sees your beauty, who announces it and who calls it out of you, my love.”

It has worked for me. Twenty years today.


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  1. Happy Anniversary to the couple who really knows what love is about! You both are such wonderful role models for adults and children alike! Congratulations, we love you both!

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