Buddy Tape

broken toeA few years ago my son came home from playing at a friend’s house with a hurt toe. He had dropped a weight on it, and thought he had broken it. He mentioned going to the doctor but since he didn’t make a big deal of it, neither did I, until I noticed that it was a deep purple and he was still talking about it days later. When I finally responded, it was pretty embarrassing to tell the doctor it had happened three weeks prior!

The toe was x-rayed and confirmed that it was indeed broken, so they did the only thing you can do for a broken toe: buddy tape. The offending toe needs an example of how to grow straight again, so you tape it to the one next to it and live life for a couple of weeks with taped toes. No need for medicine or a cast, just a constant reminder of the way it should be.

It wasn’t a big leap for me to see the application in my own life. When I am broken, beaten down or low in confidence I need someone who is stronger and healthier than I am, living life right up next to me, reminding me what it looks like to be healthy.

I learned a couple of lessons from this incident; when my son says he needs to see the doctor, he really should, and that we all could use a buddy right up next to us, reminding us of the way we should grow.

Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

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  1. As a dancer, I remember many a broken toe fixed in this same manner and have taught others to do the same. It’s always impressive when your body (and your soul) can heal itself when it’s shown the best way to do things.

  2. It’s so simple and hard at the same time – a basic, simple fix for a toe but can be very difficult to open yourself up and tape yourself to another. Thanks for reading!

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