I Saw Jesus at my Daughter’s Party

IMG_1726We had a graduation party for our oldest this past weekend; family and friends came from several states away and our girl was grandly celebrated. What could have been a tense situation, because of divorce, was actually an opportunity to bring about closure. Everyone was on their best behavior, and thankfully our daughter was able to be the center of attention. It went better than expected, and as well as I could have hoped for.


What I didn’t expect was to see Jesus. In the form of my friend who flew to our state three days prior to help me prepare for the party, and proceed to do anything and everything needed to pull it off. In the form of a dear older couple who drove six hours each way just to love on us, and bake 400 cookies! In the form of local friends who were willing to loan us tables and chairs for our event. In the form of friends who really understood the details of the situation and had been praying for us for days, both near and far.


I am so grateful for these friends who love God and love our family, too. I am especially thankful for their willingness to show us Jesus in their acts of love and service when we really needed it. Now it is time to clean up all the decorations, return what was borrowed and look around for opportunities to love on others like Jesus, exactly like what was done for us.


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