Pick Two

pickany2Funny, right? But so true.

We throw ourselves into so many directions, when the truth is that it cannot all be done well. It’s not possible. Let it go.

Incidentally, which two would you choose, and would your spouse agree?


9 thoughts on “Pick Two

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  1. Oh, geez. I’m not sure which two best describe me. You’ve definitely given me some food for thought. I definitely cook on a regular basis and always try to stay fit and well groomed. I’m trying to juggle it all I suppose!

  2. Yep, we’ve struck a delicate balance in our home. Some things you just let go. The key is to know when and how to re-tune which things you hold or let go.

    Right now, I know the two I’d pick…but I’m not sayin’

      1. Oh, I’ve definitely struggled with that myself (wrote a post about it a few days ago actually). The Lord dealt with me and now I’m happy to say that I’m almost always happy doing most things almost all the way. 🙂

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