Will You Be There?

unfoldingOver the last twenty years, my guy and I have moved around the country quite a bit, changing for a new position within the company or for a new opportunity with a different corporation. At this point, we have committed to our children that we will not make any more moves until they have all finished high school, so we have a few years to breathe deeply and invest where we are.

In the past, however, whenever my guy would start to get restless and look at the next possibility within the corporate world, he would gauge my interest in a new region or even another country. I would always try to respond in the same way each time, simply asking: will you be there? Because I’m not interested in staying where we are if he’s not here with me, and I sure don’t want to go any place without him. He is my home on this earth, and together we can make it work wherever we live.

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