History Lesson

addressI found a historical document this week without even trying. It’s a 19 year old address/phone book that we have had our entire marriage.  I rarely use it, but it gets pulled out a good bit during the holidays, as I go through, deciding who to send Christmas cards to. Each year I put a quick note of the date next to the name so I know when I sent a card to a specific family.

As I was thumbing through the book, I was struck by all the changes that have taken place through the years. Whenever someone moves, I put a line through the previous information and replace it with the new address. I have changed information on some four or five times. I was struck by the number of deaths and divorces within our circle; I can’t ever bring myself to mark through those names. Our family has moved five times, so many people have been added through the years and quite a few have simply fallen off. I’m so thankful for the people who have followed us through many moves and changes, and still keep us in their books.

What a powerful and personal reminder that life is constantly changing, and yet we are often so resistant to change. In the past, I have been tempted to put all the addresses into the computer so I can print off address labels, but now I know this is better for me to see and be reminded of the people who have been in our lives through the years, and to be thankful for each of them, for where they are in my life, and for the changes that keep coming.

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