Be Alarmed

phoneAfter several years of encouragement, I agreed to embrace technology and give up my old-fashioned, tangible calendar that held all the family’s activities and information. Today my guy and I share calendars on our phones, which means that I am privy to all his neuroses and he is to mine. The first one to irritate me was the daily question that pops up, asking if he has told me that he loves me. Seriously. At first, I was baffled. Then my feelings were hurt. Do you really need a phone to help you with this? It bothered me because in my mind, if you love someone, you shouldn’t need to be reminded to share your feelings.

Another great little feature from our joint calendar is a daily alarm at 8:00 am that reminds him to give thanks in all things.  Seven days a week. Usually I am driving a child to school or running errands at this point, and my guy is knee-deep into his day. At first I would sarcastically say, Thank You Lord, and go on with what I was doing. The funny thing is that over time I came to rely on the alarm. Instead of a meaningless task, it was a reminder that I had plenty to be thankful for, and needed to state it aloud. Again. Even though I had just done it the day before. The truth of the matter is that sometimes that is the first honest conversation I’ve had with God so far in the day. So, then it becomes a time of confession, acknowledgement and praise. Apparently I need reminding to share my feelings with those I love, too.

I am so thankful I have a guy who knows what he needs, and loves me enough to give me what I need. Now if I could just get his daily 10:00 production meeting reminder to stop, I’d have it made…

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  1. I’m using this. Such a good use of technology for reminding ourselves of what’s really important. Thanks for sharing!

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