Feed Them Well

One on my favorite responsibilities of being a mom is feeding my babies, who are no longer babies to anyone but me. Most of the time, it is my pleasure to give them what they need and want. As I was fixing breakfast this morning, I was reminded of the importance of good nutrition and giving them what they need in order to grow. A few ways Dysfunctionthat we can feed our children well:

Breakfast everyday

Encouragement, as often as possible

Eye contact, especially when they are talking

Praying for them (and letting them hear you)

Listening. Really listening

Attending the concerts, games, practices, plays, shows, rehearsals

Making suggestions, not proclamations

Family traditions

Being willing to learn from them

Dinner at the table, as a family, as often as possible

Reminding them who they are

Applying scripture to what they are experiencing

Studying with them

Teaching them about their heritage

Asking questions

Studying them

Loving them, everyday

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  1. So very true! Sometimes it’s easy for me to miss some of these things, but this was a great reminder! Thanks Jennifer 😉

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