What Message Are You Sending?

My oldest and dearest friend just impressed my socks off…..I love it when someone I know so well can still surprise me like this. My friend, we will call her Deborah, has a daughter the same age as my oldest; our girls are both seniors in high school and constantly talking about where to go to college next year.

Deborah’s daughter is interested in many different options in several states so they have systematically visited every school her daughter has shown serious interest in; this past week alone, the duo drove over 2,000 miles together to visit four campuses!

Now, my friend is no pushover. She has a successful counseling career and two more teens in her house. We have a terrible time scheduling a decent phone conversation because of her crazy schedule; I cannot imagine what she had to do to make this trip happen.

Deborah set aside her own ideas and agenda and sent several huge messages to her daughter:

You are worth it

You have my respect

You deserve to be happy

You can do anything you want to do

Notice that not one of these messages was about the mom, they were all about her daughter. Impressive, indeed.

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