Get a Job

My daughter is interviewing for her first part-time job today. She has been a nanny and babysitter for years, but this is a real job, with a manager and a time clock. I have completely supported her in the idea of going to the store and checking out the environment, of talking with the employees and taking an application. I helped her fill out all the details of her life on paper and even went with her to return the information requested.

I was fine until my firstborn got a call from the manager to come in for a formal interview. I was suddenly plagued with flashbacks of my first real job; I had been thrust into a situation with a lot of older, more experienced kids and my poor decisions started in that place. My downward spiral literally began with my part-time job in high school.

Do I have the ability to reason and remember that my choices at her age do not predict my daughter’s actions? This child is years ahead of me at that same age, both spiritually and behaviorally. Do I also have the ability to give her the room to make a poor choice or two, in order to allow her to learn and grow? I’m not sure why we as parents try to make this all about us, we declared independence long ago. There comes a time to let them go and be who they are going to be.

Go get ‘em, Babe!

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      1. I wish I had good advice to give other than the standard “pray and trust God’s got it under control” which some days is easier said than done. I’ve had to learn to choose my battles carefully and keep my mouth shut often. I hate that part!
        How fun is that? I’ll be the one in the Norfolk shirt wearing a pin with my trumpet player and drum major on it. 😉 Hoping the thunderstorms stay away!

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