A beautiful call to all parents!

Holy Sexuality

Twenty-seven years ago I became a mother and upon seeing this new little life for the very first time, I remember her presence creating an aura of time standing still. I held her, cradled her and was captured by a moment of her entering into my life.

Ask my daughters, I’ve told them this story often over the years. It’s the miracle of birth as I like to call it.

I thought that story was a part of the past until….

After traveling by plane, bus and train I arrived in Oxford, England to see my daughter graduate with her Masters. After finding and settling into my own room, a short distance from where my daughter is living, I picked my way through the maze of parents, students, tourists and locals to our prearranged meeting destination.

Standing in reception, waiting, observing the surroundings, I saw this woman striding towards…

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