This is a pot that my friend Pete made. It says,
” My hearts desire is to be less Ward and June and more Narnia”.
I love this pot for several reasons: because it was created by a dear friend whom I respect greatly, because it reminds me of the need for more magic, less plastic in our lives, and because you have to really work at it to read it, and maybe work a little more to get it.
Pete does pottery as a sideline to his corporate day job. Most of us can’t imagine doing something so well, much less as a hobby. Because of his limited free time and the nature of his work, his pots are reserved well in advance, and snatched up quickly. It’s not unusual for someone to wait a year or more for their desired piece, and some of his biggest fans don’t own any of his work.
When I got word that I could purchase this pot, I was very excited, feeling like I had won the lottery to get to buy it. At the same time, Pete kept thanking me for supporting his habit. It was all reciprocal. It made me think about how rare it is that we get to invest in something that we really desire, and even more rare that when we do, it is truly appreciated by the supplier.
God works the same way; He invites us in to work alongside Him every day, loving others and bearing witness, and He is thrilled when we choose to take Him up on it.
This could almost be seen as magical, like Narnia.

To see more of Pete’s work go to or become a fan at

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