Image Often heard on the sidelines of high school practice or game: “I can’t wait for Junior to get his license so I don’t have to drive him or his siblings around anymore!”


Our son is legally eligible to get his permit and start driving, and we assumed that he would be desperate to do this, so we provided him with the information he needed and permission to get going. So far he hasn’t shown any real interest in taking the test, and we are not going to push him. My husband and I are in no hurry for this milestone.

Conversations in the car can be so rich because you have a captive audience.  There is no bus system for our schools, so I get to pray over my kids as they are leaping from the vehicle into the chaos of school, and I am there to hear the freshest version of their days on the trip home. The truth is that when Junior starts to drive, you lose a wonderful time of connection with your child.

With sports and music and church, sometimes it feels like I do nothing but drive. Inconvenient? You bet. But it’s my privilege, and one I am in no hurry to let go of.

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